A Trip #together That Brightened The Spirits...

Most of the times we feel positive and move around with a sense of optimism.But sometimes, we  face a situation where we are surrounded by doubts and fears and at those times we really need to someone or something to cheer us up and steer us towards optimism.

There came a time when I had to come back to India to put my Lil one in school. At that time we were living in China, a place where I set up my first home. The schools there were in Chinese medium and I could not put the lil one there.

So arrangements were made for our return.Unfortunately, hubby could not get a transfer to join us! It was indeed very upsetting and we were feeling very low.

During the last month of our stay there, we decided to take a road trip to some places nearby.Both of us love traveling and it seemed like a really good idea.

We set out one Sunday,two weeks before our departure, to visit some of the famous tourist places near our city. One was the Movie set place and then we wanted to proceed to see the gigantic Ling Shan Buddha Temple.

The day started to be a very sunny one but our spirits were not so high.As we went started to have a nice time looking around the movie sets. It was set up with real buildings, forts, royal courts, medicine houses etc, everything that are portrayed in the architecture relating to the Ming and Qing Dynasty.

After a quick lunch we got into the car to visit the Buddha temple. That was when it started pouring in buckets! Without an umbrella and a lil one in tow we were not sure what to do.

Our driver quickly pointed out that there are shops that sell umbrellas and raincoats nearby and armed with those to keep us dry, we set out to see the famous temple.

The rain showed no signs of slowing down and as if we were competing with it, showed no signs of stopping.

We walked through the huge courtyard, climbed a large number of steps, stopped to pray at each small shrine and finally climber even more steps to be at the feet of the Lord!

This is the Ling Shan Buddha statue 
 The statue weighs 700 tons and you have to climb 217 steps to get a close look!

Walking to the the temple ,spending more time there to catch a glimpse of the palaces near the temple and walking all the way back is really an experience to remember in spite of the rains.

We felt a sense of peace and even as it was pouring relentlessly, we felt much better than we felt when we started the trip.

Though the plans for the future we not very clear and there was still the fact that a lot of packing had to be done before I move on, that trip certainly sent a beam of hope and positive vibes.Of course, they do say that a temple if a place filled with positive vibes and calms the mind.

During this trip we felt a lot closer and we promised each other to face the future with a smile. A couple of days later we were blessed with the news that a lil one will be joining our family soon! What more do we need to feel optimistic!!!

Now when I look back, this is one of the best trips we took and one that I will cherish forever...


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I really enjoyed recollecting those lovely moments. Hope you enjoyed reading them...