Foodies Read 2015 Reading Challenge

Just like last year, I am joining the Foodies Read 2015 challenge.


A food book is a book which is centered around food and / or drinks. That could be a cookbook,a food biography or memoir,a non fiction book focused around a specific food, wine, chef or restaurant , or a fictional story in which food plays a major role.

There are quite a few levels in this  and for each level certain number of books are to be read by Dec. 2014. You can choose the level you are comfortable with.

I think this would be a fun challenge! Being a food blogger and with loads of cookbooks and food related book at hand, I have chosen to take the Chef de Cuisine level - 14-18 books to be read and reviewed by the end of this year.

For more details look up this link and do sign up there if you are interested. 

Can't wait to get started!