Books for Foodie Read 2014

I am very late in posting this one. I still have 4 more books reviews to post for this challenge and since I am running out of time, thought of doing it all in one post. I will write a detailed post for each one later.

Earthbound -Navdanya's guide to Easy ,Organic Cooking- Navdanya, the organization that bringers farmers' organic produce in new and creative ways to the table serves a compilation on traditional recipes that uses organic produce.

Coffee- As a true blue fan of the famous beverage, it is only fair that I own this book. It has  recipes of everything from cakes, bakes, beverages,desserts and even main dishes!! A must have book for anyone who loves coffee.

Bread- With a batch of a yeast that works wonders, my interest in baking with yeast has increased many folds. So this book seems apt to kindle that passion.It has 100 recipes of breads around the world plus classics like white bread, bagels and English muffins.

Potatoes - Tarla Dalal- Who doesn't like this veggie!!This book has recipes ranging from Chaats, salads , soups etc, covering Indian and international cuisine.

Now I am off to do a small recap of this event...