'Oh-so-Busy' October - Monthly Wrap Up

With Navrathri celebration spilling over to October and Diwali in the 3rd week, it was a pretty busy month.  I did just 16 posts and that was all I could manage.WE had a nice Kolu [arranging dolls for the festivals with puja] and the kids enjoyed the whole process of taking down the dolls from the attic, setting up the steps and arranging the dolls on them. Lil Angel did everything with so much enthusiasm!Then Diwali was celebrated with the usual cheer and on the whole things were quite busy at the home front.

As for cooking new dishes, I did make a few and clicked them but literally had no time to post.So they too went into my treasure trove called - drafts :)

I received 3 books for review and am yet to finish writing one of them.Need to pace up the review writing for the Book blog as well. Hmmm...Lots to do!

I did buy a couple of cookbook and novels and they are safely stacked with my other books.I am wondering when I will get bored of buying books!! Well, on second thoughts, I don't think this obsession will ever stop!

That's all in October.. Let me see how November treats me...