Dominican Republic - Potato with yogurt dressing

This is, once again , a very easy potato salad recipe  from the Dominican Republic. Apart from the time needed to cook the potato, this takes hardly a minute to prepare!Tastes best when served chilled!

This salad was a part of the meal that I showcased for the Dominican Republic, which is a part of the 30 day culinary tour across the globe .Along with this was served Arroz Blanco.[White rice and Habichuelas Guisadas [Stewed beans] 

 I used:
Adapted from - Aunt Clara's Kitchen

Baby potatoes- 10 numbers
Yogurt- 1cup
Salt to taste

Ground mustard- 1/4 teaspoon
Onion powder- 1/4 teaspoon
Mayonnaise - 2 tablespoons
Pepper powder- 1/2 teaspoon
Coriander leaves- 2 tablespoons, finely chopped + for garnish

  1. Pressure cook the potato and peel the skin and keep aside.
  2. Mix the rest of the ingredients in a bowl and put in the potatoes.
  3. Mix well and serve chilled garnished with coriander leaves.


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