Awesome August! - Monthly Wrap Up

Starting this month, I thought I will record all the fun [and the 'not-so-fun] things that happened around me and the blog...

This month I travelled to Chennai to meet up the Chennai food bloggers. I was so eager to make this trip and after a lot of thrills heart stopping moments, I finally landed there with the kids in tow. I stayed with Priya Srinivas and we had a great time. The kids had a wonderful time together and all of us missed the fun as soon as we got on to the train to head back home.I could never feel like I am meeting Priya for the first time and we just clicked from the very first moment we started talking on the phone, which was even before I met her in person! So you can imagine how it would have been when we finally met.

So finally after a long wait ,I got to see Veena and rest of our Blogging Marathon gang-Srivalli, Nandini,Kamalika and we just talked, talked and talked. In between we did have this wonderful and scrumptious lunch.We exchanged gifts and again started talking and catching up and I really did not want the others to head back home and I persuaded them to stay a little longer :)

Here is a glimpse of the yummy food and the goody bags..

During the trip, we started chatting about moving to our own domain and I made that decision
 on 19th of August and moved to my own home. I am ecstatic!!

And then, I went for a prop shopping with my friend Sharmi and we got a few things that we liked...

We did a lot of planning and some how or the other we kept postponing the shopping.And it happened one day and we had a great time hunting for food props.We both agreed that we must do this often!

This month we celebrated Krishna Janmashtami,Mangala Gowri Habba, Ganesh Chathurthi.

And a couple of days back,I got a new laptop! The old one was crying out to retire so I thought it was best to fulfil its wishes...

So, this month was really awesome!!!!!The only 'not so awesome' thing this month was that my cam fell into a bowl of water when I was  clicking step by step pics. I was scared out of my wits and prayed that the cam should be safe! After taking out the battery and the memory card,I just let it dry out and then with all cautions and prayers,assembled it and Thank God, it works now! I am extra cautious after this incident.

Anyways,tomorrow, we are starting a A-Z themed mega marathon based on international dishes..Am sure September will be as thrilling as this month....