My Health, My Way! - Event Announcement

In spite of our hectic schedule and changing life style, we are striving to eat and live better. On those lines, my dear friend Kalyani of Sizzling Tastebuds has started this event titles - My Health, My Way! This is a Theme based events. The themes are nutrient based foods / dishes .

I am very happy to host the first edition of this healthy event and I have chosen Calcium for this month.

Let me share with you a little about Calcium before we go on with the guidelines for the event...
Here are some guideline outlined by Kalyani...

  1. No refined food is allowed and substitutions are more than welcome.For-e.g. Whole wheat or whole grains instead of maida, palm sugar or jaggery instead of refined sugar, olive or other oils instead of margarine and butter etc.
  2. VEgetarian / vegan entries are allowed but strictly no meat or liquor.
  3. A small write up on how you make / plan to make healthy changes in your kitchen would be highly appreciated.If sending multiple entries,you can truncate this info into a few lines.
  4. Special focus can also be provided on usage of millets, whole grains, vegan substitutes as this series is not just for kids but a healthy eating lifestyle for the entire family.So diabetic specific cooking, arthritic specific cooking, kidney ailment specific cooking - you can write about all these that you do in your post.

And here are the event rules..

A few guidelines for the event:
  1. Cook and blog about a Vegan or Vegetarian dish which features a Calcium rich ingredient. Eggs are allowed in baked goodies though.
  2. Please add this announcement link and Kalyani's Series announcement page
  3. Send in as many new entries as you wish.Since we are on the lookout for new ideas, let us limit the archives to 2 per blogger.
  4. Non bloggers are also welcome to participate.
  5. The last date for the entries is July 15th 2014
  6. Send me the following details to
Hoping to see your tasty and healthy entries....