Kids Lunch Box Ideas

One of the biggest worry for every mom is to pack a nutritious and tasty lunch that her kid would love to finish up. Many time we wonder what to pack. Here I have compiled a list of recipes that has been tried,tasted and approved by Lil Angel.I will be updating this post as and when I add new recipes to the blog...

All these dishes can be prepared with ease or the filling for parathas / pooris can be made the previous night. Also the vegetables can be cut / steamed before hand so that it is easy to rustle up a quick meal.

Most of these dishes have vegetables in them. Be sure to add a fruit to the meal.
Follow the links for Side dishes for Roti / Chapathi and Side dishes for Idli / Dosa to get ideas for delicious sides that go with the lunch ideas...
Dosa Varieties
Sevai / Rice Noodles
Roti / Chapathi / Paratha
Poori Varieties
Rice Varieties
Other Ideas