Orange Flavored Dripless Popsicle | Jelly Popsicle for T and C

It's time again to write a post for one of my favorite events - Taste and Create. I still remember the first time I saw a mention about this event in Sig's blog. I could not stop drooling over Sig's Chettinad mushroom recipe!I read the post and learnt about this event and then I immediately wrote to Nicole who blogs at For the Love of Food asking her to sign me up for the next edition. And then there was no looking back.

Now this event run by Min of Bad Girl's Kitchen.And I never felt a gap in the transition or a hitch in the running of this event until recently. And for this hitch,neither Min nor Nicole can be blamed !

We are finding lesser number of people signing up for this fabulous event. And sadly we even missed a month in between. I really feel sad on this part as this is the first event / cooking community that I joined and I hate to see it fall.

So a sincere appeal to all those who read this post.In Nicole's words....

Taste and Create was started as a food event By Nicole of For the Love of Food . It's whole purpose was, and has been,to create a community of bloggers who test each others' recipes and share links. It has also been to help new and not so well known bloggers get their foot in the door of the foodie community.

So if you like this idea do take a look on how it works and would really appreciate if you sign up for the forth coming editions. It is fun visitng the various blogs and cooking from them. I am sure you will enjoy it...

Now to this months edition. I was paired with Carol who blogs at No Reason Needed. We have been paired several times in the past and this time, I chose a Popsicle recipe from her blog. I wonder how I missed this all the time I had been paired with her!!

With the summer vacation coming to an end, I am preparing a lot of oce creams and Popsicle for the lil ones at home and they are having a gala time! This one is a keeper. Lil Angel loves Kwatliy Walls Jiggly Jelly Ice cream and when I told her I would be making something similar, she was so excited! Should I even tell you how much she enjoyed these treats. Just the huge grin on her face is more than enough to tell me how much she loved it!

 I have slightly modified the recipe and used the ingredients available locally...

I used:
Adapted from - No Reason Needed
Makes- Around 10 Popsicles [Will vary depending on the mold size]

Orange flavored jelly - 1 packet [I used Bakers brand]
Orange flavored tang- 3 teaspoons

Prepare the jelly according to the instructions on the pack[For the one that I used, I put the powder in a bowl and added 500 ml boiling water and mixed well.]. Then add the tang powder and mix well. Pour into Popsicle molds and freeze till set.

It is such a simple recipe but the kids will love it !!

Bon Appetit....

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