Homemade Dried Mint Powder

Some recipes call for dried herbs. The ones that I get here are exorbitantly priced and I have to think twice before I buy them. So I am planning to make these at home and use them when ever needed.

The first one that I made is the dried mint powder.Though it might not have the look of the commercially produced powder, it is flavorful and fresh and of course you get the satisfaction of making it at home.

Pick out the leaves and discard the stems. Wash well with water and drain.Spread on a clean cotton cloth of the moisture to evaporate.

Toast it in a pan till it changes color and turns crisp. Remove from heat and spread on a plate to cool.Grind to a powder and store in an air tight container.


 It will be a little soft while toasting and then it will turn more crisp after cooling so be careful not to char it.

Bon Appetit...

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