Neeragaram- A Humble Breakfast from Tamil Nadu

This post is a part of the main post that was featured for the Indian Food Odyssey for Tamil Nadu...

 Let me start off with a healthy breakfast that is so popular in the rural areas even today.Neeragaram is nothing but the previous days[nights] rice soaked in water and taken along with buttermilk and onions and green chilies as sides in the morning .

An American researcher has found out that the Neeragaram or rice from the night's meal that has been soaking in water is rich in B6 and B12 Vitamins.It also has trillions of Bacteria that is so good for the gut.Also when this is taken in with pearl onions, it cools the body and also rises our immunity!

The benefits of having this as the first meal is as follows...

So how do we prepare such a healthy dish???

Soak the rice in a pot till the rice is fully submerged.Cover and leave it at room temperature. The next morning,squeeze out the water and transfer the rice onto a serving vessel.

Add thin buttermilk with salt and mash lightly. Serve topped with green chilies and finely chopped pearl onions / shallots.

Generally, green chilies and pearl onions are the sides for this dish.You can also garnish it with coriander leaves.

When I was looking for recipes from other states, I read that something similar called Bore Baasi  which is prepared in Chhattisgarh and Pakhala is prepared in the same manner in Orissa and is popular in summer times.

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