Grammarly Software Review

A few days back, I got a  mail asking for a review about the site - Grammarly. I got a 1 month free subscription to this site to check it out. I went through the various options and this is what I found....

Grammarly was founded in 2008 and has been moving up since.  It is a writing enhancement app that checks for spelling mistakes,punctuation errors, grammar mistakes,enhances the usage of words and suggests citations.

This is the page where you will be doing the checking and is called the grammarly editor....

The start review button has a drop box and you will find the following categories-General, Business, Academic, Technical ,Creative and Casual .So based on your requirement you can choose the category and get your document checked/ corrected..

I wrote a sample paragraph to be checked and I found that the same document gets different ranking!See the top right hand corner for the Score in red letters....

This is the ranking I got when checked under different categories.

Business-40 /100
Creative - 43 /100
Casual -43/100

And in the above you see column that gives you a short explanation and a long explanation and so you can get to know what the mistake is in detail.

It gives you the synonyms for words.So if you wish to give your document a sophisticated make-over, then you can use one of the many suggestions that it gives.That way it makes the document more professional.

When it came to Plagiarism, I decided to check out the option with the article that was published featuring your's truly. This is what it said...

Then I re-worded it  as follows to see if it caught up...

Padmajha drooled over colourful cookbooks when her friends took down notes in the college library! Her culinary journey started with rava kesari that tasted terrible. Now, every single dish of hers is a success! When I moved to China in 2008 with my husband, I decided to start a blog to share some recipes. I also started a blog to document her travels.

This is what it said!!!

This is a bit ambiguous,isn't it!

There is no auto correct. To get the right word, I tried this sentence that was spoken during the Oscars ceremony by Lupita Nyong'o, this is what grammarly said...

It would have been a good job if the right word suggested instead of giving a list of words that might be used.

I checked for a mistake that we sometimes commit unknowingly,more of a typing error, and here is the result....

On Clicking the 'in any form', the text gets corrected in the main document...

In certain ways, it helps you improve the grammar skills .

The handbook has a lot to teach with examples and kids and adults will find it easy to use and understand.

You can paste a whole lot of pages in the editor section and get it done in a go.

One of the things that I noticed on the other reviews is that some people have complained that they were charged even after cancelling the subscription.I am not sure where the fault is but I got a month of free trial and they did not ask me for any details.

Grammarly can be used as a second set of eyes to proof read your document and with what I checked it looks good.

Pricing :

There is a seven day trial period and there is also a monthly / quarterly / annual subscription .

Connect through Garammarly's Facebook page..

No matter what it is that you write- a blog, an assignment,a book or something professional,these kind of apps do lend a helping had to make it look and sound better.

I still have a few more days to try this app and will add in anything else that I find fitting :)

I have reviewed this app but I do not endorse it. If you would like to subscribe, kindly go through this page and then decide.

Happy Browsing...