FR1 : 1000 Indian Recipe Cookbook - Book Review

The one thing that I can never resist is buying books and my resolve to stop buying books weakens when I see a cookbook on discount!A few months back,this book was on a 40% discount sale and I booked it online.It took almost 1 week to reach me and I was waiting to 'read' it just like my daughter would do when she gets her favorite fairy tales!

As the name implies,it is is a 640 paged cook book with a whole lot of Indian recipes.

Table of contents....

There are a few things that did not impress me.
Now coming to the positive aspects of this huge book,
 There are some non Indian recipes too like the Frankie,Cous cous briyani!!I am not sure how I should categorize this point!

This is the first book that I have read and reviewed for Foodies Read 2014.

I will be posting a simple salad that I prepared from this book tomorrow. Do come back to take a look...

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