Oats Banana Boost Milkshake

For the final post in the Nutritional food for growing sports enthusiasts, food supplements cleverly masked , Pradnya's event ,which is a part of Srivalli's Kid's delight event which also happens to be my theme for week#2 in Blogging Marathon,I chose this simple Milkshake.

Boost and banana are  Lil Angel's favorite but that cannot be said for Oats. I usually mask it in some other food stuff and no one is actually aware that I have put  Oats in any thing I have cooked! Same is the case with this one...

This one is a filling shake and can be taken instead of breakfast.

I used:

Quick Cooking oats - 2 teaspoons
Banana-1 small
Boost -2 teaspoons

Lightly toast the oats for a few minutes. Cool and powder. Add the banana, boost and blend well. Add a little of the milk and blend once more. Finally pour in the reminder of the milk and blend for a few minutes.Serve immediately.


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Bon Appetit...

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