Hudson Canola Oil Review

A couple of month's back I got a mail asking me if I was interested to review the Hudson Canola Oil. Since I have never used Canola oil before, I signed up for it and after a few weeks got a 1 liter sample with a letter , a small cookbook with 15 recipes and a pamphlet.

It took a while for me to use to it and I made some cakes, fries and used it in my regular cooking as well...

Canola oil comes from the Canola plant which belongs to the Crucifers Family.This is a flowering plant and the seeds of this flower is crushed to extrude Canola Oil.

Hudson Canola Oil is said to come from the State-of-the-art facilities in the Prairie regions of Western Cannada, where Canola was first discovered.It is now brought to the market by Dalmia Continental, owners of Leonardo Olive Oil.

The Pamphlet gives the comparison of dietary fats in various oils and Hudson Canola Oil has

7% Saturated fat
61 % Mono unsaturated Fat
11% Omega 3 Fatty acids and
21% Omega 6 Fatty Acids

The pamphlets also lists out the health benefits of using Canola oil as

Here are a few recipes in which I used Canola Oil

1. Eggless Carrot Cake - I used 1/4 cup of Canola oil in this recipe

 2.Eggless Mango Cake - Used 2 tablespoons of Canola Oil

3.Sesame Chilli Cauliflower adapted from the recipe in the cook book - Good Mood Food - Delicious Indian Flavors Made Healthier With Canola Oil.

Cooking and baking with Canola oil had no difference from the regular oil that I use.There was no difference in taste and texture in any of the dishes. So I was really happy with the result.

I re-used the oil in which the cauliflower was fried in the normal cooking for seasoning and to stir fry. There was no off taste / flavor.

This is priced at INR - 295 for 1 liter [946ml / 861g]. I am really not sure how people to react to that pricing. But considering the health benefits, I think its worth the deal.....

I still have some more Canola oil left and will be using it in other dishes as well. For the above three recipes I will be posting them in detail in the next few days...