Homemade Trail Mix

Until recently I was not aware of something called Trail mix. The first time I saw this was in Suma's blog - Veggie Platter and I loved this snack idea. I learnt that Trail mix is a mixture of seeds, nuts, dried fruits and sometime chocolate that is taken along during outdoor treks.Wiki tells me that it is favored by hikers as it is a good source of energy, easy to carry and easy to store.

I had bookmarked it but never got around to making it in spite of the simplicity.Luckily Srivalli paired me with Suma and I made this from her blog for this week's Blogging marathon where we get to cook from a partner blog....

I just made a small portion not really sure if Lil Angel would like this mix. She usually prefers individual stuffs. But when she saw that she jumped shouting 'Yummy yum!'.....

Recipe source Veggie Platter

I used a mix of

Need I even mention that my Lil one loved it!!!

Note :

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Bon Appetit...

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