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The cover of the book suggests that it is a thriller that might send a shiver or two down your spine. A girl with  blood stained knives, moon behind clouds, a pair of scary eyes, lightening striking down..., that what I thought the book would do – scare me rather than thrill me.

I am not a fan of Vampires and stuffs but this book had made me change my mind or rather made me look at vampires in a different light!

Tantra by Adi is a fictional thriller and I got to review this book.

This is a heroine centered story, where Anu is the protagonist vampire slayer or termed as professional guardian,the one who vanquishes vampires.

 The story starts with Anu waiting for her Indian counter part in Delhi and starts working on slaying the vampires.

Though this is her job, her real motive of coming to Delhi all the way from New York in the pretext of work transfer,is to avenge the death of her boyfriend- Brain. She gets a clue that the vampire that killed Brain is an ‘Indian’ and she feels that it must be in Delhi and starts hunting for it.

Things are a little slow until she finds a small boy’s corpse in a bag of one of the Vampires that she kills and soon she finds out that someone is attacking children .

That someone turns to be a saffron robe clad man called Baba Senaka who wants to acquire immense power through black magic / Tantra and is using children as a sacrifice .

While she slowly learns that the relationship between the slayer and the slain are not the same as that in her previous workplace – New York,she is forced to team with the vampires to take on Baba Senaka.

She is introduced to Dr. Sharma, a professor, who teaches her a few tricks that might help her win this war.She learns to recite some Mantra taught by the Dr. Sharma and later she finds out that they border the Tantra which she is dead against. After the professor gives her some reasonable explanation , she learns it with her heart and soul.

Midst all this her aunt  is eager to see her settled in life and makes arrangements to meet suitable bachelors. Initially she uses the ‘I am a lesbian’  ploy against her mom but learns not to say that and disgrace the family.

Now she has two battles to fight!

A bride seeing ceremony – Dekhan-Dekhai is arranged in a posh hotel where is all decked up and learns how to behave and what to except from her cousin.Gaurav, whom she has met earlier is also present in that party and she learns that he is the prospective grooms brother!

The story moves fast after this and the climax is how Anu fought against Baba Senaka  and did she accomplish her mission of finding her boyfriend’s killer.

What I liked about the book:

What could have been better

Vampire based thriller from an Indian author sprinkled with the right dose of humor and laced with tantra, Mantra and Maya makes it a good entertainer. The first 60 odd pages were quite slow but the rest of the book is gripping with suspense. So the initial lull can be forgiven.

The unsaid relationship between Gaurav and Anu, Anu's cousin and Amit looks like there will be a sequel. Looking forward to reading that as well...

I will give it a score of 3.5 / 5

At a glance

Book - Tantra

Author -Adi

Publisher - Apeejay Stya Publishing

No. of Pages - 335

Price - INR 195

Get in touch with the author @

Website - www.tantrabyadi.com
Twitter : @dearadi
Facebook -fb.com/DearAdiPage

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