Sharjah Shake

Talk about Sharjah and the first thing that comes to my mind is the Sharjah Cup[Cricket] Tournament. I am a huge fan of cricket and used to watch these matches on TV. What  impressed me more was the spectators. In one such series,while the match was in progress, the camera used to cover the beautiful women with even more beautiful earrings.

Gold , light weight earrings that looked so pretty and made me want to grab one right away. The designs here are not like what I saw on TV , not that the Indian designs were not good, but somehow I fell in love with those on TV. So when the match starts, mom and me used to sit and watch and comment over the earrings and me wishing we could get those beautiful designs here too.

My sincere wish was granted when my Uncle got me a pair of earrings from Dubai that was similar to the ones I saw on TV. I literally jumped with joy and treasure that pair till date.So now you know why I relate Sharjah with cricket!!!

When I saw this Sharjah shake on the net a few months ago, the first thing that I thought was about cricket and wondered what it had to do with cricket. On reading further, I found that it was a beverage served in Kerala restaurants and bakeries around God's own country - Kerala.

Soon I found several blogs posting this recipe and now that summer is in all its glory, I made this at home and needless to say the kids loved it!!

This slushy chilled drink is a perfect way to beat the heat....

Sharjah Shake
Sources - Too many to quote!

I used:

Frozen milk cubes- 1 dozen [ see note below]
Banana- 1, big
Almonds- 5
Sugar to taste
Chocolate flavored drink -1 tablespoon

  1. Blend all the ingredients except the chocolate drink powder.
  2. Pour into serving cups ,topped with the chocolate flavored drink powder and serve immediately.


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Bon Appetit...

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