Frappe - Greek Iced Coffee

The unbearable heat was given a break last week when we had heavy showers around 3 pm for 2 days. It was only for a couple of hours that the climate was good but then almost as soon as the rain stopped, it was hot again!

On the first day, it threatened to rain right from 1 pm.It was around that time, that I planned to make this coffee. The procedure is simple but I needed a shaker or blender. I don't have a shaker so waited for the current to come back around 2 pm.

Dark clouds gathered and the wind blew at high velocity.A tall but slender tree opposite to out home almost touched the neighbor's compound wall!The wind was so fierce.All I wanted was to sit and enjoy the rain with a hot cup of coffee but I was destined to make this cold coffee...

The power was back and I set about preparing this coffee. I took it outside to click and the wind was getting heavier. Our drumstick tree was shedding its leaves and a few branches and the coconut tree was relieved of few of the coconuts and they dropped around the backyard freely!

MIL cautioned me but I badly needed to take this click. I did it amidst the wind and the slight drizzle and presenting this to you today :)

I did love the coffee but I would have enjoyed it even better if I had had it that morning when the sun was out in its full glory...

I used:
Serves - 1

Instant coffee powder- 1 1/2 teaspoon [ I used Sunrise brand]
Sugar- 2 teaspoons
Chilled water
Ice cubes

  1. In a blender jar take the coffee powder, sugar and a few tablespoons of water and run the blender for a few minutes till the mixture is very frothy.
  2. Place a few ice cubes in a serving mug and pour the frothy coffee over it.
  3. Top it up with chilled water and serve immediately.

I saw another version that uses milk. So I made another batch with milk. The process is similar but add chilled milk instead of chilled water in step 3.

You can see the difference in color between the black cold coffee and the above pic. Personally, I liked the one with milk.

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