Celebrating Women's Day With An Event & Giveaway

With the women’s Day coming up, I would like to celebrate it with a lovely event and a give away. Though there is a day officially celebrating the significance of Women, I feel it should be done every day. I do not mean celebrate it with cakes and party. A simple ‘ Thank you’ or a small gesture towards the women at home is something every women would love to see.

This women also happens to be a wife, a mom, a nurse who tends the falls and sniffles with a heartwarming kiss, the best house keeper, an awesome hostess, a walking diary who keeps notes and reminds everyone the birthdays, anniversaries and important dates that need to be remembered,  and to top it all, a career women ,a master chef cooking up dishes to suit every ones taste.

While the lady of the house is busy tending to and taking care of all the others at home, sometimes or rather most of the times, she fails to do anything for herself. Her needs take a back seat and the needs of the family gets all the concern and attention.

Hence, I feel every day should be acknowledged as ‘Women’s Day’.What do you say?

So,before the world celebrates the greatness of women, I thought it is nice to celebrate this day [and every day ] by doing something for ourselves. With Women’s Day just around the corner, CupoNation, the leading couponing destination in India has launched a special woman’s day campaign “Celebrate womanhood by taking care of yourself”.  CupoNation has created a page on their website which is specially designed to make it a one stop shop for women. This page contains all the feminine products with best available discounts.

And for the second part of the celebration, let us cook up a dish for ourselves. It can be anything from a cup of coffee or an elaborate meal. The choice is yours. The only criterion is that it must be a dish that you love to have and must cook it for yourself. Of course you can share the meal with your loved ones J.

I will keep the prize a surprise and giveaway winner and the prize will be announced by the first week of April.The giveaway is open to the residents of India or to anyone who has an Indian address.

Here is what you need to do…..

  1. Cook and post a vegetarian dish that you love to eat.
  2. I would be very happy if you can follow me on GFC.
  3. Share and promote this event page and CupoNation.
  4. Kindly send in fresh entries only. 2 entries per blog.
  5. You get extra points if someone in your house [husband, son, daughter] prepares a favorite dish for you. But make sure that you have captured that moment with your cam and also put it up in your blog post.
  6. Non bloggers are also invited to participate. Mail me the details and I will include it here.
  7. The last date is March 31st 2013
  8. Mail me the details with ‘Women’s Day’ Special in the subject line with the following details

What are you waiting for? Run to the kitchen and cook your favorite dish...