Blogging Marathon 25th Edition Meet - Day 3

Waking up around 7am on day 3 of the blogging Marathon celebration meet, I went out to check if the others were up. They were and we ordered coffee and were discussing about the previous day’s happenings. The highlight was the dinner at Vaishali’s place.

Srivalli, Kamalika and Padma Rekha we in the restaurant getting ready to do the demo’s. Srivalli prepared her famous tomato kurma and along with Padma Rekha  prepared perstittu.

 Kamalika showed us how to prepare different varieties of spice mixes.

 Then came Padma Rekha who demonstrated how to make the ladoo’s that was now the talk of the group.I was too busy waiting for her to hand out the ladoo's to taste that I literally forgot to click pics!!

Pradnya showed us some easy food crafts and some deceptive food concept ideas....

After the demo was some breakfast which as usual was great.

Then,Lil Shlok recited some Shlokas and he was so adorable. We loved the way he recited them so sincerely. Really Choo Chweet…

Then we wanted to do some vegetable and snacks shopping and Vaishali took us out.We got loads of strawberries, and vegetables that are not available at our place. 

Vaishali and the strawberry vendor who sold his whole goods in one go.
Thanks to the BM members :)

Just as we were heading back,Vaishali wanted us to taste some Vada Pav.

It was awesome,prepared with loads of butter and a spicy chutney and cool mango juice to top it! No words to explain!I am person who does not prefer spicy food, yet I was craving like crazy for that Vada Pav!What was wrong with me!!

After that she treated us to some Cholafali which we had tried earlier for ICC,Here too the chutney was spicy yet we gorged on it.

Finally, it was time to leave and we still had to shop for veggies and snacks.Vaishali did all this and helped us select the best.

We still had to crown the BM queen- the winner of the contest for Day 1 and there was just 2 hours left before most of them had to leave to the airport.

Rushing through the shopping, we assembled in Srivalli’s room and Pradnya read out the winners in each category and the Lil ones- Baby Choo and Lil Dude helped select the gifts for each of us.

By now we were having mixed feelings.Happy that we are heading home soon and a little tearful that all this food and fun was coming to an end. We all felt like we were leaving mom’s place to return home because of the care and love that Vaishali had showered upon us.

Soon after the’ prize distribution ceremony’, assembled in the restaurant for some tea and snacks. Remember the Ferrero rocher cake that Mr. Mehta had given us yesterday?.Well, that was being cut for the celebration and we had it with tea


Farewell was a tearful affair. Pradnya and myself were leaving late so we watched with heavy hearts as the rest of the group left for the airport.

I returned to the room to pack my stuff and lil dude wanted to sleep.

Vaishali and Pradnya returned after dropping of the others at the airport and we sat in Pradnya’s room talking about the blog, Blogging marathon and all that went by the past three days. Finally Pradnya had to leave and we bid farewell to her and Lil Shlok .

Vaishali took me home once gain [I am sure the rest of the gang was ‘J’ as I was visiting her home for the second time J]. I settled into one of the rooms and she took me down stairs for dinner. We had chapathi rolls and I could not even finish off one roll!I was happy to realise that my tummy had found its capacity and returning to normal.

Vaishali and myself started chatting upstairs after every one were asleep.She showed me her crafts and then we discussed about the blogs. It was beyond mid night yet both of us did not want to go to bed. Vaishali was really very tired and I had an early morning flight to catch.

Reluctantly we went to bed.Before I  knew, the alarm rang at 4 am signalling that I had to leave. Dressing up and getting ready, Vaishali her son came to drop me off at the airport.

Here too the farewell was tearful. I was happy that I was coming home to see Lil Angel whom I missed very much during this trip yet I was sad that the fun filled 2 days had passed off in a jiffy.

Getting into the flight, I took the seat by the window [even though mine was an aisle seat] and click one last pic of Ahmadabad before I flew home...

Watching the sun rise was truly beautiful.Throughout the journey I recollected and relived the moments of the 2 days that I spend with my dear BM members.

In this trip, I learnt a lot,not only about food but of life in general.....

Lil Dude was fast asleep on my lap.Perhaps he too was dreaming about his lil friends..... 

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Bon Appetit...

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