Ice Cream Bread For T & C

When I first saw this title in Carol's No Reason Needed blog, I was wondering if its was an ice cream or a bread from ice cream or a pseudo name for some dish. On reading the recipe, I was surprised to see how simple it was and even more amazed when I saw the number of ingredients- just 2. Yes, you read it right, only TWO ingredients to make this yummy bread.

This was the one I tried for Taste and Create, a monthly event started by Nicole of 'For The Love Of Food' now carried on by Min of 'Bad Girl's Kitchen'.

The original recipe asked for 2 cups of ice cream.I had 3-  40 grams cups which I thought would be enough, but actually it wasn't. I should have done the math,right. Anyways, since I did not get a batter consistency, I added about 1/4 cup milk to get the desired consistency.

Carol had mentioned in her post that Chocolate or strawberry ice ream  would taste better than Vanilla ice cream, I chose Strawberry and the batter was a perfect pink which tempted me to throw in some chocolate chips on top before baking.

I used :
Original recipe : No Reason Needed

Self Raising Flour - 1 1/2 cups
Strawberry Ice cream - 1 3/4 cup [ Original recipe asks for 2 cups but since I had 1 3/4 cups only, I added milk]
Milk 1/4 cup

Verdict : 

The cake was not very moist and it wasn't sweet either. Maybe it was because I did not add the right quantity of ice cream. The sweetness was okay for me but Lil Angel felt it could be sweeter.

I will be baking this again with another ice cream flavor. But before I do I will make sure that I get all both the ingredients in the right measurement before popping it into the oven.Also I will be adding nuts and choco chips for sure...

Each month,it is fun creating dishes for  Taste and Create ...Would you like to join ? Just email Min @ with your name, blog name and a link to your blog to sign up.Hope to see you in the next edition of Taste and Create....

Bon Appetit...

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