Garlic Rice - Revisited recipe

I have taken up a 'spring cleaning' job on my blog. Not exactly cleaning, but sort of getting better pics for the older posts.When I started off with the blogging stuff, there were a few posts without a proper click or no click at all!So now I am revisiting those posts and making it better[I think] with clear pics and instructions. 

Today's post is the very simple yet nutritious Garlic rice. During my post partum stay in the hospital, this was one among the lunch menu. I was super hungry and loved to have this as the first thing for lunch. After I came home and was allowed to enter the kitchen to cook something, this was the one that I tried...

I used:

Cooked Rice - 1 cup [Grains should be separate]
Garlic- 10 cloves, chopped
Jeera / Cumin seeds - 2 teaspoons
Red chillies - 2
Curry leaves - a few
Ghee - 2 teaspoons
Salt to taste

1. Heat the ghee in a pan and add the jeera.

2. When it splutters add curry leaves and red chillies.

3. Saute for a few seconds and add the chopped garlic.

4. Lower the heat and saute till the garlic is soft and light brown in color.Take care not to char the garlic pieces.

5.Add the cooked rice , salt, mix well and serve hot with a side dish of your choice.....

Garlic rice served with 
cauliflower curry , Channa masala and potato crisps...


Bon Appetit...

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