Flavors of South Africa - Roundup

Exploring cuisine apart from the region where we hail from is like an experiment. We try and we learn. We try to adapt the recipe to suit our taste or substitute with the ingredients that we have with those that are not available. But when I hosted the Flavors of South Africa event, a series started by Nayna of Simply.Food, I was very happy to learn that South African cuisine is referred to as the rainbow cuisine as the place is a melting pot of various cultures which may be a result of colonialisation and migration. I found a lot of recipes that were similar to the ones found in the Indian cuisine but due to lack of time was not able to prepare a lot from this cuisine.

Here the ones that are a part of this culinary journey....

Four fabulous recipes from Nayna of Simply.food, the blogger behind this 'Flavors of' series... Matoke - Green plantain salad,

Geelrys - Savoury South African Rice

  Koeksisters- South African sugar coated doughnuts

and Bunny chow - A South African stew

Kirti of Flavors from my kitchen has sent this South African vegetable staple called Chakalaka which is basically a stir fried vegetable dish...

Finally two dishes from my kitchen  - Boontijiesop - South African bean soup

 and Jus Di Bissap - Hibiscus Tea

Hope you liked these delicious dishes. Do try them out. They sound difficult but they are very easy to prepare.

Thanks Nayna for this opportunity to host this event....

Happy Browsing....