Ragi Java

Today's post does not have much as an intro. Just a simple recipe for a nutritious drink. Ragi Java is a beverage,something like a thin porridge, that is made from Ragi and it can be consumed with buttermilk or milk. Since I already have a version of this with buttermilk, I am posting this recipe with milk. In a way it is similar to the Ragi porridge that we give to kids as the weaning food,. But in that we add ghee and make it thicker in consistency. Here it is more on the watery side and no ghee is added.

I used:

Ragi Flour - 3 tablespoons
Milk - 1 cup
Sugar  to taste
Water- 3/4 cup

  1. Heat water in a pan and add sugar. 
  2. When the water is lukewarm, take 1/4 cup from it and dissolve the ragi flour in it.
  3. Once the water boils, add the ragi paste and stir so that there are no lumps.
  4. It will turn glossy once cooked.
  5. Remove from heat and let it cool for a few minutes.
  6. Add the warm milk and stir to mix.
  7. Serve warm....

Note :

Increase / decrease the quantity of water and milk to suit your taste and to get the desired consistency.

This is off to Jagruti's event, Know Your Flours that I am hosting here with the theme Ragi Flour.....

Bon Appetit...

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