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One lazy weekend noon, a few weeks ago, Lil Dude thought it was better to fall asleep than being awake and cranky[ or that's what I think..] and Lil Angel settled down to watch her favorite show- Shaun The Sheep on TV, mom and me were catching up on the week that went by.

As usual the topic veered towards the Blogging Marathon themes and as is the 'custom or ritual' I was discussing with mom about preparing No / Zero oil recipes. While I was elaborating on turning Hi- Fi dishes into zero oil stuffs, and breaking my head to be innovative, Lil Angel suddenly blurted out - 'Mom you can make pappad in the Microwave.It has no oil'.I was so surprised to hear this from a 4 year old!

She has seen mom 'fry' pappads in the Microwave a zillion times.While I conveniently forgot the fact that we have been doing this for more than 2 decades, the little one was so observant on what we were chatting and the making of pappad in the microwave.This accentuates two things. One, look around for simple things than breaking the head over complicated stuff and Two, watch what you talk in front of the Lil ones.Though their eyes are glued to the TV, their ears are tuned to your speech....

So, taking up the idea put forward by Lil Angel, I have added a little zing to the regular pappad and created this simple snack / starter with Zero oil.

Microwave is a boon in the kitchen.Cooking in the microwave has been under controversies of sort. While one school of thought  believes that it keeps the nutrients safe and sound, the other believes that cooking in it is bad for health.I am sure this snack is good as it has no oil, has some veggies and is really lip smacking.....

Starting with this easy breezy snack, I will be posting two other recipes for Blogging Marathon #23, Week 3, with the theme - Zero Oil Cooking

I used:

Masala pappa / Peppercorn pappad
Tomato, capsicum, raw mango, onion, cucumber - finely chopped
Coriander , mint leave - chopped
Chaat masala

  1. Mix together all the veggies in a bowl.
  2. Microwave the pappad till done. This usually take 30 - 45 seconds depending on the your microwave / size of the pappad.
  3. Spread the vegetable mixture over the pappad.
  4. Sprinkle chaat masala and serve immediately garnished with mint and coriander leaves.

Or you can break the pappad into bite sized pieces and put the veggies, chaat masala and mix in a bowl and serve garnished with mint and coriander leaves

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Bon Appetit...

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