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A thousand ideas run through the mind as soon as I see the Srivalli’s announcement for the Blogging Marathon. These ideas rush out so fast that I have to pen them down and then think about experimenting or giving a twist to the regular recipe. When the ideas take shape to be cooked and clicked something invariably happens. The power problem, the kids , family situation, last but not the least, someone falling sick! Then I have to go back and re-think the recipes that have to be put up.

This week I signed up for theme, Carrots in 3 different ways, and in order to avoid the last minute need to change the recipe, prepared everything well in advance and patted my back for this achievement. 

  Then today morning, when I was going about preparing food for Lil Dude, it struck me that while I was immersed in ideas that were complex and ‘had a twist’, I failed to see something that I did every day!!
This dish is something that Lil Dude enjoys. I started with a simple carrot dal mash and then he graduated to eating carrot-dal-rice mash. So this is something I slipped my mind completely. While I have been sort of documenting what Lil Angel ate through her childhood, I have nothing here about Lil Dudes dishes! Well, again the plan of posting a cake changes to this simple recipe!

For Week #2.,with the theme - Carrots in 3 different ways for the 23rd edition of Blogging Marathon, my first ‘recipe’ is a simple weaning food.

Weaning foods are the transition foods given to an infant when she/ he progresses from exclusive breast feeding to other solid foods. At first the consistency has to be thin / watery, and then pureed foods can be given. Later semi solid foods are started and by the first birthday the baby can be given almost all the foods that an adult takes with a little change in the level of spiciness and texture.

Read more about weaning foods here.

Note : Consult the Pediatrician before starting any weaning food for your baby….

Start with Moong dal as it is easily digestible when compared to Toor dal and other dals. For the first couple of days, give a few spoons of mashed dal alone preferably during the day time. Then add a few pieces of carrots, pureed, along with the mashed dal. Slowly increase the quantity of dal and carrot. Later on switch over toor dal.

So basically all you have to do is take a few teaspoons of Moong dal and a few pieces of carrot in a small bowl. Add some water and pressure cook till both are tender. Cool and puree. Adjust consistency adding water. Serve luke warm. Adding salt is optional.As the baby grows, a pinch of rosted cumin powder can be added.

The dal is a good source of protein and carrots are a  rich source of Beta Carotene. Staring off weaning with the right nutrition paves ways for a healthy future.....

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Bon Appetit...

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