Know Your Flours - Event Announcement

Ragi has been one of my favorite ingredient and this month I am glad to host Jagruthi’s – Know your flours series and obviously I have chosen Ragi Flour.

Ragi is also known by the names – Finger millet, Nachani, Nagli, Kelvaragu, Mutthar,i Coracano etc….. It is much neglected grain which can be called a wonder millet, is it was widely used years ago for preparing everything from Starters to desserts. It is a wholesome food that is now regaining its popularity.

The ragi grain looks like a mustard seed and the flour gets a brown color when ground. The recipes that use Ragi are not only tasty but also wholesome and nutritionally superior.

The nutritional analysis of 100 grams of ragi shows that it has

Carbohydrates -72.6 Kcal
Protein - 7.7 g
Fiber -3.6 g
Fat - 1.3 g
Calcium - 350 mg
Iron - 3.9 mg

The health / medicinal value of Ragi

With so much nutrition and goodness in it, it is only fair that we acknowledge its value by preparing and posting recipes that use Ragi flour 

Here are a few rules for the event

  1. Cook and post about a recipe that features ragi flour as the star ingredients. Vegetarian and Vegan recipes are accepted. You can also share interesting facts / anecdotes on Ragi flour.
  2. Link your recipes to this announcement and to Jagruthi’s page
  3. Send in as many recipes you like but only 3 from archives are accepted
  4. Non bloggers are also welcome to participate
  5. The last date to send in your entries – December 10th 2012 
  6. Drop me mail to, with the following details and the subject line - Know your flours

After mailing me your entry, leave a comment so that I can check my mailbox. I will acknowledge your mail within two days.

The roundup shall be posted within a week after the dead line

Eagerly waiting for the delicious dishes…..