Peanut butter - Banana Shake

Monica decided to cook all of Chandler’s favorite dishes as she felt guilty since she did not ‘make’ him a present for Valentine’s day. So after the Mac and Cheese yesterday, I wanted to bake a cake which of course, Monica bakes for Chandler. So I got all the ingredients ready for the cake and just when I wanted the pan, I found them missing.I searched high and low for them, yea literally!I even got up the attic to see if I kept them there by mistake.

By evening I was tired and frustrated and yet I could not find my beloved baked pans. I had to change plans- got to find another recipe from the FRIENDS series.But the problem was lack of time and it was getting dark. I had to cook and click something fast. I picked up a random FRIENDS series DVD and the first one I saw was this from – Season 9 - The one with Rachel's dream

In this episode, Rachel is Joeys roommate and she walks out of her room and find Joey in deep romantic conversation with a pineapple! Joey says he is a little insecure about doing a romantic scene for Day’s of out Lives. Rachel sits down and Joeys tells her how beautiful she is and how wonderful it is to see her the first thing every morning . Though he is not able to tell her openly about the love he has for her, he says he is satisfied just to be with her all the time! Rachel is shocked and over whelmed at this.

 It is a known fact that Joey has a soft corner for Rachel and even falls in love with her. He knows that she is pregnant with Ross’s baby and yet he love her with all his heart. He takes care of her so tenderly that I sometimes feel Rachel and Joey should have been together.

Anyways,suddenly out of the blue Joey screams and says he got it right and was rehearsing the dialogues for the TV show! Later he invited Rachel to go with him for the TV shoot so that she can be of reassurance to him. After watching him on the sets of the show, Rachel has this dream where he kisses her and she cannot get over with it.

Once she walks into their apartment to find a little bit of peanut butter at the back o his head. She ask Joey about it and Joey says he was trying to make a peanut butter shake without the lid to the blender!

I always feel Monica is the one who loves cooking and even though I have watched the FRIENDS series many times, Joey preparing something did not even strike me until I saw the episode yesterday. Watching Joey prepare this shake, made me change my mind into replacing Mon’s cake with his shake.

If Monica finds out that I have replaced her idea of a cake she will be really mad at me.So,shhhhhhh… let’s keep this our little secret, Okay?

I took the liberty of adding bananas to the shake and I am sure Joey will be very pleased to see this and some sprinkles on top….

I used

Chilled Milk – 1 cup
Peanut butter- 2 teaspoons
Banana – 1 , small, chopped
Honey to taste
Chopped banana, chocolate vermicelli - garnish

Blend all the ingredients till smooth and serve garnished with chopped banana and chocolate vermicelli.

It was great fun doing this theme - Cooking from TV series. I really enjoyed it and hope you did too...

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Bon Appetit...

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