Herbal Tea with Honey

What is a friend ? 
A single soul in two bodies
so defines Aristotle...

But if someone asked me I would say....

A single soul in six bodies!!

You think that is absurd,right?It won't be when I tell you that I am talking about 6 friends who share their joys, sorrows and lives and live in Manhattan.Now you get it????

Of course you are right now! I am talking about Rachael  Monica  Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Ross from the famous television series - FRIENDS.This was aired between 1994 - 2004 and was a very popular one. I loved watching this series on Star TV and almost became a part of them.

When the series ended I was very sad, not being able to see them again was terrible. Then they re-ran the show but I couldn't watch it that time. A few years back, I saw the whole series on sale. I was ecstatic. Without delay I immediately got the set of 10 DVD's and I treasure it dearly. Now whenever I feel low and need a good laugh or when I bored and need to while away the time or when I need something to cheer me up, I know where to go...

So,why all this FRIENDS thing suddenly? Srivalli announced the themes for this month's blogging Marathon 22nd edition and the one that I took up first was - 'Cooking from a TV drama / series'. I do not watch any of the regional soaps and the ones I watch on Star TV doesn't have much of cooking in it.So I set my mind on FRIENDS as soon as I saw this theme.The main advantage of this theme is that we get a free reign over the recipe!In this drama, you must be aware that Monica is the one who loves to cook and clean.So obviously it is very easy to get a lot of recipes from this series.

This recipe is from Season 6 - The one that could have been part 1.The 6 friends are in their usual hangout,the coffee house called Central Perk and discuss how life would be if they had taken up other carreer options or if their life had taken a different turn - Racheal if she is married to Dr. Barry, Ross was yet to discover his wife was a lesbian, Chandler quits his present job and starts writing comic strips,Monica was still fat,Joey is still acting for 'Day's of our lives and Phoebe works for a finacial company 'Meryl Lynch'. 

One day phoebe finds out that she has lost a lot of money and says if the company found out they will kill her and if her clients found out, they will kill themselves.[I love the way she says that and also the way she answers the phone after lighting a cigerette!].Suddenly she feels a pain in her chest and all sympoms lead to her having a heart attack.She is rushed to the hospital and given treatment. In the hospital the 'fat' monica prepares a herbal tea with honey for her friend Phoebe.

I used:
Recipe Source - About.com

Water - 2 cups
Cardamom- 1
Pepper corns - 5, crushed
Cloves- 2
Cinnamon - a small piece
Finely chopped fresh ginger- 1/2 teaspoon
Honey to taste

  1. Heat water and bring it to boil.
  2. Simmer and add all the ingredients except honey.
  3. Let it simmer for 15 minutes.
  4. Strain and serve sweetened with honey, garnished with a sprig of mint.

Note :

You can alter thequantity of the ingredients to suit your taste.

Don't forget to drop by tomorrow coz I will be back with yet another recipe that Monica prepares....

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Bon Appetit...

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