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Do you know someone who had an extremely successful modelling career and then enters Bollywood but gives it all up for the love of cooking?Yea right,I am talking about Aditya Bal. He has just released his first cookbook - The Chakh Le India Cookbook...

This book has been complied based on his travels and culinary explorations from the first three seasons of his TV show featured in NTVD good times.

Born in New Delhi, Aditya spent his childhood in Kashmir and enjoyed his life in the idyllic place.He loved the food that his mom cooked for the family, a skill that she inherited from her mother.He used to spend his vacations with his grandmom in Delhi and she too would stuff him with delicious food not to mention the baked stuffs!

Aditya firmly believes that his knack for cooking was passed down through the generations and still treasures his grandmom's hand written recipes.

Now, coming to the book,as you can see the front cover houses the Author in the Kitchen.The inside cover is very impressive!It traces the recipe on a sketched map of India!Each orange flag denotes the place of origin of the dish seen in this book.

I found the table of contents very prettily laid out.

Then there is the acknowledgement thanking the various people who have helped him come so far.

In the introduction, you can read all about his journey,the time from his childhood to the time he landed in Goa looking for a chef's position and then doing the culinary road show for NDTV.

Then comes some interesting aspects....

After this is the actual recipe section.

It is divided into various sections 
Each section starts with a color photograph of Aditya taken during his culinary tours.There is one pic of him riding a camel,chatting with a snack vendor[a small boy], posing with a person preparing dessert etc....

What I liked about this book :

What could have been better :

Would I recommend this book.....

A big Yes, if you a fan of Non-veg Indian food. It looks like there are loads of dishes that are famous and lip smacking.But if you are a vegetarian,you may think twice before buying this one.

On the whole, it is a nice book which  more than the recipes tells you that no matter what you study and take up as a profession, follow your heart and do what you actually love to do.That is what Aditya did....

I prepared Aditya's Chola Masala, a spicy chickpea curry from Punjab.

Chola Masala is a great side dish for Bhatura / Roti / puri. Here, in this book, it is listed under 'Snacks'. It is very different to the version that I make or have seen elsewhere. As you would have noticed in the click above, it make use of both the types of channa. There are some other whole spices and powders used for flavor. I will be posting the recipe shortly.

At a glance

Book - The Chakh Le India Cookbook

Author - Aditya Bal

Publisher - Westland Ltd.

No. of Pages - 157

No. of Recipes - 76

Price - INR 395

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