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When I got this book for review, I was so sure that it would be a very interesting one. The cover of the book gave away that clue.Yes, it said - Opposites Attract-Trouble! Isn't that enough to make me read it all at once.

This book is the debut novel from Yashodhara Lal who is has an MBA from IIT- Bangalore and has a vast experience in the corporate world ,across FMCG and media industries.

Yashodhara starts her career in a large MNC and she is smitten over Vijay who is also in the marketing department where she is a trainee. She is a modern girl from the city in her early 20’s eager for a life full of adventure and he is a laid-back cute boy from a small town,seven years her senior.

When he pop’s the question for the right time to get married, she is worried if things will work out.First of all Yashodhara feels that she needs more time to get to know Vijay, while he feels the three months that they have known each other is more than enough to get married!

Soon, after a lot of arguments and thinking, they tie and knot and then one fine day she learns that they are going to welcome the little bundle of joy into the family, which is really unexpected!She goes through all the discomforts of pregnancy and Vijay tries to please and comfort her in the best possible way.

Once their daughter, whom they fondly nicknamed peanuts, is born, everything changes. All those things that happen when the couples live far away from each other happen in their life too and it all looks like a big mess.

Soon its time to come back home to Mumbai from her mom's home and raise the child together when they find that all they do is argue at the drop of the hat. She seeks a marriage counselor to sort things out and her MIL spills out a few magic words of wisdom to make a marriage work.

Through the many differences, they seek to get back to their old routine and make life a wonderful journey for which they realize communication is the key.

What I love about this book I was able to relate myself to most of the situations in this book. I am sure that most of you will feel the same too. The circumstances dealt in this book are something very common but what makes this book a good read is that everything is told in a very humorous manner.

The chapters have very charming names –
Caution- Marriage ahead
Rough Road
Disaster zone

I love the characters in this book. They are very well etched out by the author and she makes you think you know that person for a long time. Like the maid Zarreena who drops in unannounced and takes up the position of the house help and becomes a ‘live-in’ maid without actually living with them!

Then there is the driver Vinod, who seems to know every nook and corner of Mumbai and is a very humble and gracious fellow

One cannot suppress the smile when Yashodhara describes the scenes when Kajal,who comes from her mom’s house to help the couple with the baby, sneaks behind Vijay as if to spy on him.And of course there are the trivial conflicts between Zarrenna and Kajal.

I could not control my laughter at the ‘tsunami situation’ which arises when Yashodhara bangs the door after a heated argument with her husband and neighbors all think there is an earthquake which will lead to a tsunami!

Also to be mentioned are the counseling sessions with Dr.Reema,where Yashodhara has been sweet enough to share with the readers.

The only down side of this book is that the readers must be familiar in Hindi.There are several places where the language is used . I feel that a translation could have been provided for the ‘non-hindi’ readers.

Would I recommend this book?

A Big Yes…

Is doesn't matter if you are still waiting for cupid arrow to strike you or you are newly married or married for a whole decade or more, this book takes you through the wonderful journey called life in a very humorous way that make it a good read any time….

At a glance

Book - Just Married , Please Excuse

Author - Yashodhara Lal

Publisher - Harper Collins Publishers

Genre - Fiction

No. of Pages - 255

Price - INR 199

This is not a paid review.This book was reviewed for Indiblogger as a part of the Harper Collins review program.

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