Chocolate Jamuns and Choco- Vanilla Ice Cream

Just like cakes, a party with sweets/ desserts is a huge hit with kids.For the second day of blogging marathon #20,day 2, I am posting this delicious dessert that was a hit in our place.

Some time back,mom passed on a gulab jamun packet that she had. She knew Lil Angel loves it and so that pack came home with us.Wanting to make something innovative, I tried this stuffed jamuns. Needless to say,it was very delicious and the Lil one at home loved it more than ever because it had chocolate chips in it.

The process is quite simple even though the title of the post is lengthy. Since we are using a gulab jamun ready mix, the time taken to make jamuns from scratch is hugely reduced.Also I got a liter of vanilla ice cream from the ice cream parlour and just add a few ingredients to jazz it up.....

I used:

For chocolate jamuns

Gulab jamun ready mix - packet
Chocolate chips
Oil to deep fry
Sugar -1 cup

For Choco vanilla ice cream

Vanilla ice cream
Choco chips
Bourbon biscuits / or any chocolate cream biscuit

1.Take the gulab jamun mix in a bowl.

2.Add water little by little and prepare a soft dough.Let it rest covered for 15 minutes.

3.Take a small portion of the dough and flatten it

4.Place a few chocolate chips in the centre

5.Bring the edges together and form balls.The surface of the rolled balls must be smooth without any cracks. Also take care not to roll them to a stiff/tight ball.

6.Meanwhile prepare the sugar syrup.Heat sugar with 1.5 cups of water and prepare a sugar syrup. The syrup should be slightly sticky to tough.

7.Deep fry the chocolate jamuns in oil till golden brown. Take care to maintain the temperature of the oil.If the oil is too hot, the outside turn brown,while it remains doughy inside.When the oil turns hot, lower the temperature.

8. Drop the fried chocolate jamuns into the warm sugar syrup till it absorbs the syrup and puffs up lightly.

While the jamuns are drinking up the sugary syrup, let us prepare the ice cream.Let the ice cram sit on the kitchen counter till it is soft.Take the required quantity in a bowl, add chocolate chip and roughly broken biscuits.

Mix well and re freeze till set and ready to serve....

Here is a peek into the chocolate jamuns.Some of the chocolate chips have melted while some are whole.They are a delight to eat!

Serving ideas......

Gulab jamun with a dollop of ice cream topped with cherries...


Place a block of ice cram on a serving plate.Place a few jamun on top and garish with chocolate chips and chopped nuts.....

This delicious treat is off to Srivalli's Kid's Delight - Potluck Party

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Bon Appetit...

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