Chocolate Apple Shake

Some time ago, Lil Angel's favourite fruit was Banana.She loved it so much that anything with that flavor would be devoured with gusto. Then came a time when the sight of bananas would send her running off in the opposite direction and apple became her favourite.On the other hand,the love for chocolate stuffs has been escalating.So combining the two flavors that she loves,a drink was born...

 I used :

Chilled Milk -300 ml
Apple - 1 ,peeled, cored and chopped
Drinking chocolate - 3 teaspoons
Sugar to taste
Choco chips and a few slices of apple for garnishing.

  1. Blend the apple pieces to a paste.
  2. Add milk,drinking chocolate and sugar.
  3. Blend till frothy 
Serve immediately garnished with chocolate chips and apple slices.

Note :

Sending this to Vaishali @ Ribbon's to Pasta's, who is hosting Srivalli's Kids Delight event, with the theme - Chocolate

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Bon Appetit...

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