Yay !! Look What I Won!!

A couple of weeks ago, I entered a Giveaway at Simone's Jungle Frog cooking Blog.She had written about the book ' The Chef and I' authored by her friend and gifted writer - Mona Wise.

Simone had mentioned this -

I’m not gonna give you any spoilers but this book, the first book, is the story of how Ron and Mona met while Mona was working in the US. 
The story of how they fell in love, their child wish that didn’t really go very smoothly and o so much more. 
What can I tell you? 
You should really get the book yourself and dive head first into the stories. 
I’m sure you’re gonna love it

And these words got me very interested....

And then a few days back I got a mail from Simone telling me that I had won the giveaway and I was literally jumping with joy!!!

Yesterday this book reached my mailbox...

It came with a message from the author- Mona Wise....

Once I started reading, I could not put it down and already have a few recipe requests from this awesome book.Lil Angel who was with me as I was browsing through the recipe section wanted me to make these for her snack box...

The book is so gorgeous with glossy pics for each recipe and I love that the book is in my favorite color - Black...I am so excited and happy to have won this book. I will definitely share the book review with all of you.

This is my 4th book win.The first one was for Buckwheat noodles with veggies, which I sent for - Eating healthy during pregnancy event.This entry got 131 votes and I received Cynthia's Tastes Like Home- My Caribbean Cookbook

The second won was for Gujarati Dal which we prepared for ICC. The win was the beautiful Sukham Ayu

The Eggless Yellow Sponge was selected by Pari for her 'Only event' and I got Tarla Dalal's Cakes and Pastries.

I didn't mean to blow my own trumpet here but really wanted to share this good news with all my friends and readers.

I am so happy that I started blogging and got to know so many bloggers and authors. Thanks a bunch for your support and comments that surely brighten up my day....

See you all in my next post....