Microwave Potato Wafers | No-Fry Potato Chips in Microwave

There are times when you want to indulge in something good to eat yet that little voice from deep inside cautions you about the 'side effects'. Then you have to stop but you want to keep going.Haven't we faced this dilemma thousands of times!

I have been indulging on all sorts of food stuffs and Lil dude is now 6 months and I think it is high time I start looking into what I eat.With this thought in mind, I keep hunting for low cal snacks. I have been successful in gathering quite a few recipes and this one tops the chart.

I saw this in Srivalli's blog and wanted to try out. I must tell you the result was stunning! I never expected it to turn out so crisp and crunchy and the best part is there is not a drop of oil in it!!Yes, not even a single drop!!!

Dad was the first to taste it and it was hard to believe that it was not fried! Then Lil Angel jumped up and down savoring the aroma of the chips emanating from the MW.She loved the chips and kept asking for more.Mom said it was way better and healthier than the fried version.So all in all a hit with my folks.

Here is what you need - Potatoes , salt, and seasoning of your choice.

1. Slice the potato as thinly as possible after scrubbing it well. I did not peel the potato but you may peel it if you wish.

I also wanted to see how it will work out if I use a chips cutter

The slices were extremely thin...

2.Soak the slices in water and wash the slices in cold water a couple of times.

3. Spread out a batch on a kitchen towel for a few minutes / till almost dry

The slices you see in the front are those sliced with a knife and the ones at the back - done with the slicer.

4. Place a paper towel on the glass plate of the microwave oven and arrange the slices on the outer edge. Remember to place even sized / even thickness in a batch so that they are cooked evenly.Microwave on 100% power for 45 seconds,turn the slices over and microwave for another 30 seconds.

Please note that the microwave timings will vary based on the quantity of the potatoes placed inside, the voltage and the thickness of the slices.

For the first batch, I placed the slices directly on the glass plate and some slices stuck to the plate. For the second batch I used the paper towel.

Do not attempt to turn over the slices immediately after 45 seconds.Leave the MW door open for a few seconds and then 'peel off' the slices and turn over. By doing this I found out that the slices don't stick to the paper towel.

The Thicker slices[where I used the knife to slice] required 1 minute on side 1 and 45 seconds for the next side.The thinner one[where I used the slicer] needed 45/30 seconds respectively.

Keep a close watch on the chips after turning them over. Remove them as soon as they turn a little brown.

Remove the chips to a bowl.Leave aside for a few minutes. Add salt / seasonings, toss well to coat and serve...

Can you see how crunchy they are!!! I am never going to deep fry potato again.This version is the best!

This recipe is for the 4th week of  BM, where I will be doing three theme,one theme per day and today,with the theme - Deep fried foods- steamed or baked.

Tomorrow, I will be back with yet another recipe in another category...

Sending this to Smitha who is hosting Srivalli's MEC event with the theme Simple and Easy All Time Snacks

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Bon Appetit...

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