Sundried Rice Crisps

After the Sundried Pressed rice crisps that I posted yesterday, I have a very simple sundried crisp today that can be made using fresh / leftover rice.

The other day, mom had cooked rice enough for the three of us but then Lil Angel wanted to have Pizza for lunch.Since it was vacation time, I let her have it .Actually, I was tempted myself ! I gave in to the temptation and had  a few slices of pizza and a samosa as well a cup of coffee. I was so full that I could not even think of lunch.Hence there was a portion of rice leftover which mom turned into sundried crisps . Her version is different from MIL's version

Mom used:

Left over rice
Onion, finely chopped
Chilli powder
Salt to taste

  1. Add some warm water to the rice and mash it well. [The mixture should not be too watery.You should be able to make small sized balls out this mixture.]
  2. Put in onion and salt.Mix well.
  3. Spread out plastic sheets in a sunny area. 
  4. Form small balls and flatten slightly.
  5. Lay them out to dry for a couple of days
  6. Once they are completely dry, store in an an air tight container
To serve deep fry the crisps and seve as a part of lunch / with tea/ coffee


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Bon Appetit...

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