Mango Milkshake - Revisited Recipe

I started this blog on January 1st 2008 though the blog was conceived almost 6 months before the first post was published. I was deciding on a name and what to post during that time. When I started posting, I just wrote and clicked the dished and published it. I was not worried if the pic was great .I was kinda satisfied with what I posted. A few dishes did not even have a pic!

Then things started picking up and I slowly improved on the post and the pic. Now when I go back and revisit my old post, I find some pics too dull , not up to the mark and sometime pathetically bad.I have always wanted to repost the dishes with a better photo and did a makeover for a few posts now and then but then again had to drop the idea for various reasons.

So when Srivalli announced the theme, Revisiting old post with new pictures, I immediately signed up for it. So from today, I will take you down the memory lane but with good pics or rather those that are better than the ones posted earlier.

The first one today is Mango Milkshake. I remember the day when I clicked for this post. I made this in the evening.The day was cloudy and by evening the light seemed to fade out almost completely.Yet I clicked and posted. Now the time has come to redo the click and the post.....

Lil Angel loves this milkshake . Once I got a little creative and topped up the shake with a few mango pieces and some choco chips. She loved to spoon out the chunks and choco chips and then sip the milkshake. I have been preparing it in the same way since then......

I use:

Mango pulp -1 cup
Chilled Milk - 2 cups
Mango chunks and choco chips for garnishing

  1. Blend together the mango pulp and milk till smooth.
  2. Pour into a cup and garnish it with mango chunks and choco chips.
  3. Serve immediately.


Sending this to Anu who is hosting Only Mango Event ,a series started by Pari

Tomorrow I will be back with another click and post from the past..

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Bon Appetit...

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