Event Announcement - Flavors Of Turkey

After a long gap, Seduce Your Tastebuds is happy to host another event - Naina's Flavors of series 2. This month we are going on a culinary journey to Turkey...

Turkish cuisine is a fusion of Central Asian, Middle Eastern and Balkan cuisine.Western Europe also has an influence on their cuisine.It is said that the Turkish cuisine has a very pure quality and the simplicity of the recipes and the quality of the ingredients guarantees delicious meals.

I read that Turkish people prefer home cooked foods though the younger generation like to dine out these days. A simple home made meal consists of soups in winter, followed by vegetable / legumes boiled with some meat, a rice dish or pilaf, yogurt salad with cucumbers etc.

The key ingredients  in this cuisine are meats like lamb, beef,chicken,fish,eggplants,onion, garlic,beans, lentils, tomato.Nuts that are commonly used are pistachio,almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts. Herbs and spices also have a special place in their cuisine.

Here are a few sites that showcase the Turkish cuisine...

  1. Hayriye's Turkish Food And Recipes
  2. Binnur's Turkish Cookbook
  3. Food.com
  4. Turkish Recipes
  5. Turkish Cuisine

So its time to churn out some Turkish delicacies in our kitchen, but before we do so here are few rules for the event...
  1. Cook and blog a vegetarian dish featuring a dish from the Turkish cuisine. 
  2. Be sure to link back to this announcement and to Naina's page -
  3. Using the logo in your post is appreciable.
  4. Multiple entries are welcome.
  5. Archived entries are accepted as long as they  are re-posted with both the links
  6. Non bloggers are also welcome to send in the entries. Just mail me the recipe and picture
  7. The last date for the entries is April 30th 2012
  8. Send in your entries to - seduceurtastebuds@gmail.com with the following details
 Subject : Flavors Of Turkey
Looking forward to your support and participation :)