Dates Banana Shake

When to comes to veganizing dishes, I replace the non vegan stuffs with soy products and some times coconut derivatives. Like the time I made this vegan palak paneer, I replaced paneer with my favorite tofu. Some times I replace milk with coconut milk and most of the times replace it with soy milk. That's exactly what I did today for this shake.Nothing beats the summer heat like a chilled glass of soy milkshake and if time permits relax with a book munching some fries :)

I used :

Soy milk, chilled - 2 cups
Banana - 1 , medium sized, roughly chopped
Dates- 10 numbers
Chopped nuts to garnish

Blend all ingredients till smooth.Serve garnished with chopped nuts .As simple as that :)

Note :

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Bon Appetit....

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