Nutrients / Foods To Help Fight Postpartum Depression

The first few week after delivery can be very trying and tiresome. Studies show that one in ten women face postpartum depression.It is a condition where the women faces certain symptoms of clinical depression after childbirth.

Some of the symptoms include 
 Improper / Inadequate diet is one of the reasons for this. The need to take care of the new born becomes the center of importance and taking care of her health takes a back set once the baby is born.

Postpartum depression is a cause for great concern. The Doctor may suggest a treatment which can include medications, counseling, help from support group, diet therapy and exercise.

Though diet alone may not be sufficient to bring about a change, there are certain food stuffs that can be helpful to overcome this stressful situation.

Vitamin C – A boost in Vitamin C helps to overcome depression. Good sources include

Zinc – Zinc is believed to support different processes in our body and brain. Lack of this mineral is said to be linked with depression and irritability. Good sources are

Folic Acid – We all are aware that Folic acid is essential prior to conceiving and the first trimester of pregnancy. Folic acid is also essential after delivery too. It can be found in

Also while taking folic acid rich foods it is essential to avoid to limit or avoid

Omega 3 Fatty acids are also shown to have a positive impact on treating depression. The foods that can be included are

Calcium can help wade off anxiety and depression. The best sources are some of the foods that we use regularly.

Keeping in mind your preferences and the food choices allowed in your family/ culture, diets advised by your dietitian try to include these foods

Thus the diet of the new mom should be

 Disclaimer : This is not a medical advice.Consult your Doctor or Dietitian before following any type of diet.

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