My Stint With A Course in Bakery Techniques- Day 2

The second day at the baking course was as exciting as the first day. The classes started at 9.30 with the instruction to bake different kinds of cakes. We moved on to the practicals and we were divided into 3 groups to do the cakes. Each one had one task to perform. The hands on training was really useful. It helped in getting the measurement, mixing techniques, and right texture possible.

After tea break we had the instructions for the different types of cookies,puffs, pies/tarts that we were to bake in the afternoon. We got all our doubts cleared and out instructor even gave us some cake recipes that we wanted to learn but were not part of the syllabus.

After lunch, we set about doing the cookies, vegetable puffs, tarts and pies. We learnt the basic recipe for fondant,butter-cream icing.

The cakes we had put in the oven in the morning were done and we learnt to make different types of cakes from a sponge cake base. When the cookies and the pies were getting done, once again it was time for interaction. Our instructor gave us some valuable tips that we never knew before! I will be sharing all those with you when I start baking and posting the recipes.

Before we left, we were given our instruction manuals and the course certificates.

Here is a gist of what we learnt today

  1. Sponge cake
  2. Tea cake
  3. Plum cake
  4. Egg less cake with variations
  5. Ribbon cakes
  6. Swiss rolls
  7. Apple cake
  8. Sweet cookies
  9. Salt cookies
  10. Ragi cookies
  11. Chocolate cookies
  12. Chilli cookies
  13. Apple pie / tart
  14. Onion pie / tart
  15. Vegetable puffs
  16. Curry puffs

Here are some more clicks for you today.

The ingredients measured and kept ready to start our process...

The cake tins lined and kept beside the weighed ingredients....

A professional baker demonstrated the method for preparing sponge cake so that we could so it ourselves after he completed the procedure.

Sponge cake batter being poured into the prepared cake trays

The other cakes that we made ready to be put into the oven 

Coconut buns. 
Though we learnt the method yesterday, we could not prepare it as we did not have enough time. So  we  made it today...

Simple icing and decoration over a sponge cake

Apple tarts

Instruction manual and the certificate

My share of goodies that we baked today.
As usual Lil Angel was eagerly waiting to see what I would bake for her
The tart was broken before I reached home but tasted good nevertheless....

It was fun and a very good learning experience . A very useful course for housewives as well as those who want to start a small scale business. The instruction book comes with the details and address of the stores that sell baking supplies and even the machinery needed and the place where they can be purchased.

The methods were easy and the instructions were very simple and doable. The tips helped in understanding the defects that would arise in the baked products and the ways to rectify them.

Schedule of the cookery class :

Sept- 19th and 20th - Food preservation - Jams , jellies, squashes etc
Oct - 10th and 11th - Confectionery - Chocolate making, toffees etc

For more information regarding the classes / schedule in Coimbatore you can contact

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University,
Post Harvest Technology Department,

Contact person - Mrs. Malathi / Mrs Padma
Ph : 0422 - 6611340

Or drop me a mail  [] and I will get the details and send it across

Hoping me meet some of the Coimbatore bloggers in the forthcoming sessions :)

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