Cooking with Herbs And Flowers

I use herbs and flowers in my cooking but my interest in growing them increased after I read The Herb Bible which tells you everything you need to know about growing, storing and cooking, non culinary uses of herbs.

Herbs,as you are aware, are used to enhance the flavor of the dishes.Even a simple dish can be turned into an exotic one with the addition of herbs.Small quantity of herbs are more than sufficient to add the magic touch.Fresh and dry herbs have been in use from time immemorial.Some of the common herbs are Coriander, Mint, Thyme,Sage, Sorrel, Chives, Basil, Parsley,Fenugreek , Bayleaf etc.

Edible flowers are quite different from the ones grown for aesthetic purpose.These are also different from the ones sold at the florists.Flowers that are either home grown or free of toxic pesticides are used in creating culinary magic. Fresh and dried flowers are used to make a wide range of dishes from appetizers, juices, stir-fries, liqueurs, syrups ,desserts.Flower garnishes are also very popular.The flowers commonly used are Roses , Lavender, Banana blossom, Squash and Zucchini blossoms,  Hibiscus,Neem flowers etc.Each culture / cuisine has some flower to make the dish interesting.

These herbs and flowers not only add flavor to the platter but also have some medicinal properties that are so valuable to us.

So dear friends, are you ready to cook with Herbs and Flowers?

Here you will find the hosting schedule and the roundup so that you can visit here to cook your choice of herbs / flowers....

Feb  - March 15th 2011 -Seduce Your Tastebuds - Mint

March 16th- April 15th 2011 - Krithi of Krithi's Kitchen - Coriander

April 16th - May 15th - Mom chef of What's Cooking - Fenugreek leaves

May 16th - June 15th -RS of Relishing Food - Mushroom

June 16th - July 15th -Sukanya of Saffronstreaks - Banana Blossom

July 16th to August 15th - Reva of Kaarasaaram - Basil

August 16th - September 15th -Vardhini of Vardhini's Kitchen - Garlic

September 16th - October 15th - Anamika of Taste Junction

October 16th - November 15th - Anu Shoj of Anu's Healthy Kitchen

November 16th - December 15th - Kaveri of Palakkad Chamayal

December 16th - January 15th - Renuka of Pinch Of Salt

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