Black & White Wednesday : Rasmalai

A while ago Susan of The Well-seasoned Cook,stared a series called Black And White Wednesday.

When I saw her announcement, I was kind of happy. I love Black and White photographs and love to watch those old movies too. Once in a while,I take out dads collection and  I enjoy going through his B & W photos. Those are the photos taken by him in his youth and many were processed and developed at him!!Such is his love for photography. When I visit my grandparents, the first thing I would ever want to do after catching up with the 'gossip' is to take out their dog-eared wedding album and go through the black and white and sepia toned photos.That's how much I like those tones! There is 'something' in these hues that is missing in the color pics. Now, I am not against vibrant color photographs or anything, but I like the black and white pics better.......

As much as I wanted to start posting for this event as soon as I ssw her announcement, it was just today that I was able to actually get down to doing it.

 I have experimented a little with the tones and I hope it is fit enough for the series.Rasmalai, the famous Bengali dessert, is one of my favorites and here it is for the event.