How To Eat / Prepare Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is a pretty little fruit that I fell in love with.Here are some interesting facts about this fruit....

                 Hylocereus it has red skin and white flesh,the one that is commonly referred to as the dragon fruit.
                Hylocereus polyrhizus it has red skin and red flesh.
                 Selinecereus megalanthus it has yellow skin and white flesh.

A glimpse of the beautiful dragon fruit....

This is how you prepare the fruit for the salad / smoothie / sorbet....

Using a sharp knife cut the fruit length wise.

Insert a spoon between the skin and the flesh of the fruit and run it along the cut half.

Remove the flesh and keep aside.Scoop out the remaining flesh if its sticking to the skin

Check if the skin is sticking onto the flesh and remove it.Cube the flesh and use as desired

 Recipes with dragon fruit

Dragon fruit salad
Dragon fruit banana smoothie
Oats Banana Dragon fruit milkshake
Dragon Fruit Sorbet
Fruity Breakfast Crunch

Happy cooking.....

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