Handling Diabetes Under Special Situations

Apart from handling diabetes on a day-to-day basis, there are some situations/ conditions that requires special care.Here are a few of them....

1.How to handle hypoglycemia- Even though Diabetic people have excess  sugar in their blood stream, sometimes they go into a condition called - Hypoglycemia, where the blood sugar levels goes exceptionally low.

Symptoms include

[Please note that the symptoms of  ketoacidosis- increased blood sugar also mimics hypoglycemia and many tend to get confused]

The causes of hypoglycemia may be due to one of the following

Mild hypoglycemia is sometimes self limiting.But in severe conditions,it may result in coma / death.

How to manage  hypoglycemia:

 2. Diabetic Ketoacidosis: This is the opposite of hypoglycemia.Here the blood turns acidic and the sugar levels are very high.This too is a serious condition and has to be treated immediately.

Causes / situations that lead to ketoacidosis:

Symptoms :These are not to be confused with hypoglycemia.
If any of these occur, rush to the hospital immediately.

3.Illness:Mostly when one falls sick, the diet may not be palatable and therefore many skip medications.In such cases talk to your Physician about food intolerance and get the dosage adjusted.Do not stop medications on your own.Take more fluids if solids are not easy to take in.If you experience symptoms of  ketoacidosis rush to the hospital.

4.Eating out : Many of us are fond of eating out.If not everyday some families love to dine out on weekends.It not just for relaxation or tasting something new,eating out can also be when you are invited to a party.At those times wondering what to eat takes away most of the time.Here is what you can do...

5.Traveling ,Diet and medications:

6.Fasting Fasting is spiritually important for certain people.When it becomes absolutely necessary to fast, consult the Physician regarding medicines and also be aware of hypoglycemia and its management.

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