Fusion Food -Vegetarian Special - Book Review

Do you remember long time ago I had made a tasty Baby Potatoes with fenugreek ?Its from this very book that I tried it.I found it in a used books shop and got it for a very low price.This book looks as good as new and had some vitamin supplement ad on it.Someone who had owned this copy was not interested in cooking perhaps!!So I got this super book.

The author is Komal Taneja who studied botany and got a diploma to be a pharmacist ,turned around to follow her passion-experimenting with unconventional combination of ingredients to create fusion food!

True to its name,this book has everything in 'fusion'.The books starts with an Introduction and Kitchen basics follow which is a compilation of basic recipes.Then comes the real treat.

Indo-continental - 13 recipes
Indo-Italian -12 recipes
Indo-Chinese - 13 recipes
Indo-Mexican - 12 recipes
Eggless desserts -7 recipes.

Each page is a visual treat, for each recipe has a delicious color pic of the dish in the facing page.A total delight!!

This book covers all the courses of the cuisine from soups,starters,main dishes,sides and desserts in each section.The egg less desserts are so easy to put together.

Recipes like Chinese Briyani,Italain Bhel Puri salad,Mexican masala idli,Soup with cheese balls,Spinach Zensen soup,fusion diplomat delight [dessert] are some of the dishes that are so innovative and tempting..

At a glance

Book - Fusion Food -Vegetarian Special

Author - Komal Taneja

Publishers - Brijbasi Art Press Ltd

No. of pages - 95

No.of recipes - 57

Please note that I have not been paid to write this review.

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