What's Cooking This Week - #2

Last week’s recipe diary was a total mess. I kept interchanging the dishes on the menu due to various reasons. Blame it on laziness or on the preferences of the family members, that menu plan was a total flop. So this week I have planned what dishes to make and did not fix them for a particular day. Any day I feel like cooking an elaborate meal, I will pick out some dishes from this list.I will also note down the date next to the recipe.

I am going to try out a lot of recipes that I have bookmarked in the past- from the  various websites, from my cookery book collection and also I am going to experiment in the kitchen.Plus I will have to cook for the various event.This is going to be so much fun!

Here is what I would love to prepare this week …

Breakfast / Dinner

Moong sprouts Dosa
Potato dosa
Mee hoon
Stuffed Parathas
Buckwheat crepes-8/12/2010

Side dishes for breakfast / dinner

Chutney wale aloo
Spinach gravy curry
Pumpkin seed chutney
Ridge gourd chutney - 8/12/2010
Brinjal chutney
Dum Aloo

Dishes to go with steamed rice:

Kolathi Dali
Tomato Khadi
Palak toovar dhal
Khatti Mag
Palak ki kahdi
Nellore Rasam
Ginger rasam

Dry curries

Curried chickpeas
Potato in spicy yogurt sauce
Bhee masala
Cabbage and Channa dhal sabji


Chinese Tofu soup with Moong noodles - 8/12/2010
French Onion Soup
Lettuce soup
Asian vegetable noodles soup
Bean soup
Spicy stri fry soup
Mushroom vegetable soup


Cocktail snacks

Juices/ shakes

Lemony lettuce drink
Peach Pina colada
Date apple shake


Oriental salad
Bean sprout salad
Mixed Bean salad

I have selected recipes that are interesting and new to me. Let me see how many I can prepare this week.