Paruppu Podi | South Indian Lentil Spice Mix

Most of the time,when I am cooking the dishes that I learnt from mom, I have this feeling that it tastes best when she prepares it even though I follow her method. If I tell this, mom is defiantly going to smile and tell me that my cooking is tasty as well.But I can never agree to that.

Amongst her recipes,I love this podi [and all other dishes as well]. So mom packed a huge batch for me to take back. Dutifully I clicked and finished that batch in less than a month.I used to have it at least twice a day with a little rice.It was the best meal ever!If I had used it judiciously,ie using it when I don't prepare any side dish for rice,it would have lasted me for months.But in spite of making the regular sambar and rasam,I used to eat only this!I love this so much.

So after it was over,I did not have the guts to make it on my own. I know it will be not be the same. Today when I was chatting with mom I asked her for the recipe and here it is.The clicks that you see are from the batch that she made for us.

Mom uses:

Toor dhal-1 cup
Moong dhal-1/4 cup
Pepper corns-1 teaspoon
Asafoetida powder - a pinch
Red chillies-4 [adjust to taste]
Salt to taste

  1. Dry roast all the ingredients except salt till golden brown in color. Take care as the pepper corns might splutter.
  2. Cool and grind to a fine powder.
  3. Spread it out on a plate for sometime if it gets heated during grinding process.
  4. Add salt, mix well and store in an airtight container.

To serve add a couple of teaspoons of paruppu podi and some sesame seed oil over piping hot steamed rice. Mix well and enjoy as such or with a crispy / pappad.I love to dunk a spoonful of this rice into piping hot rasam and savor it.Ultimate comfort food!!!

Sending this to Satya who is hosting Thanks You Mom event.Satya has just entered the blogging world with this wonderful event.Hop over to her blog and send her your delicious entries..

Now I am off to make a fresh batch of this podi..

Bon Appetit...

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