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Millets, as you are aware, are the small seeded cereals.Pearl Millet is also known by the names Pennisetum glaucum , bajra, bajri, Kambu, mahangu, sanio, gero, babala, nyoloti, dukkin, souna, petit mil, mexoeira ,bulrush millet , milheto , cattail millet , candle millet, dark millet [Source:Wiki]

Pearl Millet grits

 India is said to be the largest producer of Pearl Millet and dates back to 2000 BC!This crop is well adapted to grow in harsh climates and conditions like drought, infertile soil and high temperature.

Pearl millet is often considered poor man's food but when we see the nutritive value of this millet ,it is really astounding!

It is a good source of energy and very are very helpful nutrition wise for children and pregnant women.It is also rich in protein , vitamins and minerals.

It has more calories than wheat which maybe because of its higher oil content.It is rich in B Vitamins,Potassium, Iron , Zinc, Copper, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Manganese.

It is a Gluten free grain. 

Pearl millet can be cooked as rice and yields three times its dry volume on cooking.It can also be used to make porridges. The flour is used to prepare biscuit , bread, cookies, muffins, etc and it gives a very crunchy texture to the baked products.

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